Ryan will deliver a dynamic and interesting presentation about student loans for your group, organization, or school.

Interested groups may include:
– General presentations to students
– Presentations to professional groups such as medical or dental students, veterinary students, law school students and others
– Financial planning groups, such as FPA and NAPFA

See testimonials below for comments from previous speaking engagements.

Ryan can prepare a specialized presentation for your group, or you can select from popular topics, including:

– Student Loans 101
– Public Service Loan Forgiveness (popular topic for educators or others going into the public sector)
– Student Loan Default & Rehabilitation
– Using Financial Counseling Principles to grow your Financial Planning Business
– Helping Clients Overcome Money Anxiety

To book Ryan to speak to your group, contact him here.


“Your webinar on student loans was fantastic. The attendees were highly engaged and all their questions were answered. I really appreciate your time and expertise!”
-Rebecca W.

“Ryan Law is informative and engaging. The combination of his CFP and AFC certifications combine to give unique insights into the psyche of the client. I recommend Ryan highly.”
-Jenie C.


“This was the best and most informative presentation I attended at the Symposium.”

“Excellent information and presenter.”

“This was my single favorite break-out session. The information was concrete, clearly delivered, and to the point.”

“Presentation was well organized and easy to follow.”

“Very structured, informative and useful. I can’t imagine a better presentation on this subject.”

“Excellent presentation. One of the best I have ever attended on this topic.”

“I learned a lot about Financial Aid and I felt like I already knew a lot going into the session.”

“I attended your Student Loan Overview Webinar and wanted to thank you for the very valuable information that you provided.”